Skills Data Observatory

Supporting longitudinal evaluation and evidence-based policymaking.

About the Project

The data skills landscape in the UK suffers from an acute data deficit, which restricts strategic planning and decision-making. There are particular challenges in assessing the scale of – and regional and sectoral disparities in – the “data skills gap”, as well as assessing restrictions on historically underrepresented groups. There is a pressing need to support the collection and analysis of high-quality data to help policymakers and providers Identify gaps and opportunities in skills training.

The creation of the Skills Data Observatory builds on the Taskforce's prior work on Quantifying the UK Data Skills Gap project, to allow policymakers to explore the most comprehensive data relating to UK data skills landscape, interactively and collaboratively. Making diversity and inclusion a priority, we support benchmarking and tracking levels of diversity to make data-led decisions about where to invest to support levelling up, and ensure underrepresented groups are given equal opportunity.