About The Data Skills Taskforce

The Data Skills Taskforce was called into being because the UK government recognised the valuable recommendations proposed by the Nesta report, Analytic Britain. These recommendations were seen as important contributors to improving digital productivity across the UK economy.

The Data Skills Taskforce continues to promote collaboration as well as informing and driving action as part of the national response to the complex and evolving data skills landscape.

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Our Mission

  • Continue to act as a knowledge and best practice sharing forum for leaders in industry, higher education, schools, learned organisations and other representative groups.
  • Continue to promote the importance of data skills and analytics across these interested groups and extend that mission into new areas to build increased diversity and inclusion.
  • Act to foster collaboration between these groups and the UK Government and Devolved Administrations, where appropriate, to address the UK’s data skills challenge through innovative projects.
  • Monitor progress against key recommendations of the National Data Strategy, and highlight critical gaps, undertaking research to ensure this stays relevant in the coming years.