Data Skills Policies and Reports

Policies and Reports relating to Data Skills in the UK

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Science Industry Partnership (SIP)

SIP 2030 Skills Strategy

This Life Sciences 2030 Skills Strategy, developed under the leadership of the SIP Futures Group, sets out how, the UK Life Sciences sector will attract, retain, train and develop the research, manufacturing and technical skills required by a dynamic and diverse UK sector.

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The Data Literacy Project

The Human Impact of Data Literacy A leader's guide to democratizing data, boosting productivity and empowering the workforce

The Human Impact of Data Literacy Report aims to educate leaders across organizations about the importance of building a data-driven culture, highlighting that investment in training and upskilling is vital and can significantly increase overall productivity.

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Nuffield Foundation

Ethical and societal implications of algorithms, data, and articificial intelligence: a roadmap for research

This briefing summarises a roadmap for research on the ethical and societal implications of algorithms, data and AI (ADA). It is aimed at those involved in planning, funding, and pursuing research and policy work related to these technologies.

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Burning Glass Technologies

No Longer Optional: Employer Demand for Digital Skills

Digital skills are becoming near-universal requirements for employment in the United Kingdom. A new analysis by Burning Glass finds digital skills are essential entry requirements for two-thirds of UK SOC occupations and carry a wage premium over non-digital roles.

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BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Scaling Up The Ethical Artificial Intelligence MSc Pipeline

An independent report by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, (BCS) says in order to bridge the skills gap in Artificial Intelligence, (AI) more must be done to attract and retain under-represented groups in university computing departments, especially women.

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The Royal Society

Dynamics of data science skills

The Royal Society’s report Dynamics of data science skills, led by Professor Andrew Blake FREng FRS, looks at the current demand for data professionals, and how this varies across industrial sectors and UK regions. It identifies four major areas for action to strengthen the UK’s data science talent base.