Data Skills Self-Assessment

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Welcome to the Data Skills Self-Assessment

Our self-assessment tool helps you understand your organisational and technical readiness with respect to data, and signposts you to relevant resources and training.

Through a series of multiple-choice questions, we will explore your organisation's use of data, culture and leadership with respect to data, and your current skills capability. We expect the questionnaire to take around 15 minutes to complete.

We will ask you to answer questions from your perspective, and based on your current understanding of the organisation.

All responses to this self-assessment questionnaire are completely anonymous and will not be stored. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be provided with a unique web link which will allow you to recover your self-assessment results and recommendations at any time.

Use of Data

The following questions concern your current use of data.

There are 8 questions in this section.

What kinds of analytic work does your organisation currently undertake?

How does data inform decision-making in your organisation?

How are leaders using data for business planning?

How does your organisation make use of external and open data?

Sources of external and open data can be used to improve organisational decision making and processes. To learn more about open data, a guide by The Open Data Institute is available here.

To what extent is data re-use across the organisation supported?

How confident is your organisation in the consistency and quality of its data?

How confident is your organisation in the trustworthiness of its data?

How are data assets recorded?

Data assets refer to a system, application output file, document, database, or web page.


This section will explore how data is stored in your organisation, and the tools and infrastructure used to support data analysis.

There are 4 questions in this section.

Where and how is data stored?

How best describes the tools used to analyse data?

How are data sources integrated across the organisation?

How best describes the organisation's investments in data tools?

Culture and Governance

This section will explore organisational culture relating to the sharing, governance, and strategic use of data.

There are 6 questions in this section.

Who takes ownership for data within the organisation?

How would you describe the level of leadership's data awareness and investment?

Does your organisation have policies relating to data and its governance?

To what extent is the organisation aware of the ethical implications of its use of data?

How are data and insights shared internally?

How are data and insights communicated externally to the organisation?


This section will explore internal data skills capacity, and access to knowledge and expertise in your organisation.

There are 4 questions in this section.

How would you describe general data literacy within your organisation?

How would you describe the level of data experience among leadership?

How would you describe the current availability of analytic capability?

Is appropriate data literacy training made available in the organisation?

Thank you.

Thank you for completing the data skills self-assessment.

You have the opportunity to specify your organisation's sector and region. These will be used to highlight case studies which are relevant for your organisation, but this data will not be stored anywhere.