About The Data Skills Taskforce

The digital revolution is here and if the UK is to become a leader in the digital world, then data skills and know-how have to be at the heart of that mission.

The Data Skills Taskforce was called into being because the UK government recognised the valuable recommendations proposed by the Nesta report, Analytic Britain. These recommendations were seen as important contributors to improving digital productivity across the UK economy.

As such, the main aims of the Data Skills Taskforce are to:

  • Act as a knowledge and best practice sharing forum across key participants from industry, higher education, and schools.
  • Continue to promote the importance of data skills and analytics across those three groups.
  • Monitor progress against the recommendations of Analytic Britain and highlight critical gaps.

“We want to deliver a thriving, outward-looking digital economy by bringing business, government and academia together. As our report shows, however, there is still much to be done. Leaders need to set the example by embracing data, analytics and digital. We need to work together and be creative to break down the walls that are stopping data analytics adoption across the UK.”

Ray Eitel-PorterCo-Chair of the Data Skills Taskforce and Managing Director, Accenture Analytics


The work of the Data Skills Taskforce is supported by the following orgnaisations.